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PARLIAMENT has stopped receiving fuel from Sakunda and Redanfule companies over their links to ousted Vice President Joice Mujuru and the socalled Gamatox faction.

Sakunda, fronted by businessman Kuda Tangwirei, has been linked to the Mujuru camp.

This has affected the tycoon’s business empire which, at some point, was supplying all government departments including state linked enterprises.

Zanu PF MPs moved a motion at their caucus recently that Sakunda and Redan, now both partly-owned by an international fuel firm together with other foreign linked dealers, be stopped from supplying government departments.

The MPs said, instead, the state owned Petrotrade and CMED must be given the business.

Zanu PF chief whip Jorum Gumbo confirmed that MPs from his party moved such a resolution but he was unaware if it had been implemented.

“It is true that issue was discussed at one of our party caucus meetings. But I can’t share with you the details of the meeting and I am not sure if it has been implemented as you are alleging.

“In any case, Parliament is run by the Clerk and the Speaker you could talk to them,” he said.

However, an MP who refused to be named said they were now receiving fuel coupons from Petrotrade as the legislature moves to abandon Sakunda and Redan, two giants with a countrywide presence.

“Every MP is now receiving Petrotrade fuel coupons. This has everything to do with factionalism and the fight to ensure that all those who are linked to Mujuru are financially crippled,” said the MP.

Tangwirei has previously denied links to the Mujuru faction but he was unavailable for comment on the matter as his phone went unanswered over the weekend.

Sakunda has also been dragged to court by a local financial institution over a $11 million loan.

Tagwirei is also involved in a fight with ex-business partner and Zanu PF MP Justice Mayor Wadyajena who is believed to be the sponsor of the move by Parliament to abandon Sakunda and Redan.

Wadyajena is suing Tangwirei for $18 million for loss of business after his contract to transport Sakunda’s fuel was cancelled last year.

The MP alleges that the contract was cancelled because he belongs to the ‘Weevils’ faction while Tangwirei is ‘Gamatox’.

Source : New Zimbabwe