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UNDER fire vice president Joice Mujuru had effectively become a president unto herself, controlling the country’s economy and enjoying massive support among legislators, the Speaker of Parliament has revealed.

Mujuru, who stands accused of plotting to kill President Robert Mugabe in order to take over, had, according to Jacob Mudenda, hijacked state power to an extent that she controlled both houses of parliament and the cabinet.

Presenting a report at the on-going congress, Mudenda said the besieged vice president together with Zanu PF secretary for administration Didymus Mutasa, and secretary for Transport, Nicholas Goche, “corruptly influenced” those who were voted into the legislature and, consequently, made it to cabinet.

Said the Speaker: “Through corruption, extortion and systematic abuse of office, they even got to a point where then VP Mujuru and her cabal controlled the economy, thus defining a parallel centre of power which began to rival and countered the president …

“… including attempts to convene cabinet and the politburo while he was away, against standing rules of both the party and government.”

Mudenda, who is eyeing Zanu PF’s national chairmanship post, said with the aid of another key ally commissariat secretary Webster Shamu, Mujuru rigged district elections to ensure that she secured control of the ruling party.

“They further, similarly, cooked party districts and provincial elections, brazenly removing incumbents and imposing their own people where other forms of intrigue would have failed,” he said.

“They orchestrated sham primary elections ahead of the 2013 harmonised polls resulting in their domination of both the house of assembly and the senate and consequently, the cabinet.”

The report stated that Mujuru, with the aid of Mutasa, attempted to create a “paralysed ruling party through their ills and ambition for power”.

“Nearly all the major activities undertaken by the party’s principal organs during this period (2009-2013) … were characterised by a preoccupation with individual ambition and the quest for positions with little or no reference to party ideology,” the report claimed.

The Speaker said Mujuru was fronting a faction against the President and not against Justice Minister Emmerson Mnangagwa as has been reported in the press for more than a decade, adding that she supported the regime change agenda to unseat the Mugabe.

The vice president, whose position in the party and government is in peril after being told by Mugabe to join the opposition she allegedly worked with, was also accused by Mudenda of dividing war veterans, ex-detainees and war collaborators.

“All activism of the main wing and its women and youth leagues ceased to have any reference to the party’s ideology instead focusing on removing the incumbents from positions and replacing them with others.”

Not done, Mudenda also hit out at Shamu, accusing him of coming up with a work plan and programs for the party.

“There were no programs, no files, no membership records or resources, including vehicles which were handed over to it by the predecessors. The only record availed was the number of party districts as at December 2008 which stood at 2,365.

“By December 2014, this number had grown to 2,897 districts indicating an increase of 532 districts or 22.25% during the period under review.”

Mujuru and her team have snubbed the congress without giving any explanation, a development which angered Mugabe who claimed his deputy was a “thief ” who sneaked out of the party without a word to the party members.

Source : New Zimbabwe