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PF national commissar Cde Saviour Kasukuwere is moving around meeting party candidates. He has just been to Kambuzuma constituency and is on his way to glen view and Highfield. He is confident Zanu-PF will romp to victory

1220: Voting started well in Dangamvura-Chikanga constituency in Mutare with all polling stations having opened doors for voting by 7am. At Ward 18’s Muonde Bridge polling station, 182 had voted by 9:35am. At Chirowakamwe Primary School polling station B, 59 people had voted by 10am. At Sheni Primary School polling station A in Ward 6, 74 people had cast their vote by 11am while 26 had been turned away at the same polling station. One person was assisted to vote.

1206: In Harare East the highest turn out so far is at Pangula-Acturus at Chikurubi where more than 500 people had cast votes by 10am with 20 people having been turned away.

1202: Voting is going on peacefully at most polling stations in the Lobengula and Pelandaba-Mpopondaba constituencies by 11:30am. The polling stations were open by 7am. However, there was poor voter turnout at most stations. There were no queues at all polling stations visited save for Imiyela hall polling station under Pelandaba-Mpopoma cosntituency which had a long queue inside. At Mpumelelo Primary School polling station, as at 8am, voters were trickling. Only 8 people had cast their vote while 3 had been turned away, for either not appearing on the voters roll while two had come to the wrong constituency.

1154: Voting in Harare East started on a peaceful note with ZANU PF candidate Cde Teremce Mukupe casting his vote at Oriel Boys High School in Chisipite around 9:30am. Mukupe expressed confidence that the ruling party will wrestle back the seat previously held by MDC Renewal leader Tendai Biti. Six people had been turned away at 9am at Highlands Junior School for intending to vote at the wrong ward. Only 20 people had cast votes by 900 am.

1132: At Glen View 1 shopping centre tent 129 people had voted and 29 had been turned away by 11:15am.

1124: In Kambuzuma, Zanu-PF has election agents at every polling station while other independent candidates do not have representation.

1108: Voting started on very sluggish pace at several polling stations visited in Headlands with an average of 50 people per station by 10am. A significant number of prospective voters have been turned away for turning up at wrong wards. Headlands constituency has eight wards and 48 polling stations.

1047: In Bulawayo’s Pumula constituency , voting has started on a low note. 3 hours after opening, 10 polling stations visited have average 30 voters.

1045: Voting started well in Hurungwe West. At least 102 people had voted at Chiroti Primary School by 9am. 19 people had been assisted to vote mainly because of old age while 15 had been turned away because their names were not on the voters roll.

1037: At Chana Primary School where there are 2 polling stations, there are many voters waiting for their turn. Information at hand is that 113 people have voted as at 1015am. Seven have been turned away for various reasons.

1036: Kambuzuma constituency elections officer Mr Koti Exstaff said there has been a low voter turn out so far. He said: quotI have moved in about 19 of the polling stations and there is low voter turn out probably its because some people have gone to work but voting is going on peacefully and ther are no complaints.quot

1032: In Kuwadzana at Kuwadzana 8 Primary School 85 people had voted by 9:30am while 14 were turned away. The candidates are are Michael Mandikonza of Freedom Front, Peter Svinurai (Free Zimbabwe Congress), Milton Makuwa (Mavambo), Takudzwa Tabvurai (NCA), Josam Chimbalanga (Progressive Democrats of Zimbabwe), Jemelia Chuma (Progressive and Innovative Movement of Zimbabwe), Simon Msandu (Transform Zimbabwe), Betty Nhambu (Zanu-PF) Boniface Gwishiri (Independent) and Zanondega Mugomeza (Independent).

1024: Voting in Mbizo Constituency in Midlands province started in earnest at 7am when poling stations opened. At Emthonjeni primary school there were few voters in queues around 8am. Section 6 Towerlight open space there was a long queue and some voters brought chairs to seat on waiting for their turn

1019: At Glen View Satellite Clinic, 40 people had voted by 10am while 6 had been turned away for non-appearance in the voters roll and invalid passports.

0938: In Highfield the MDC distributed flyers urging people not to vote. Some were thrown near Highfield polling stations overnight.

0928: By 9:20am at Rukudzo Government Primary School 100 people had cast their ballots with only one person being assisted. At Wadzanai primary school 33 people had voted by 9am and only three people had been turned away for not being on the voters roll.

0926: Voting started as scheduled in Kambuzuma constituency. There are 21 polling stations. The candidates are Rongerai Tapoka (Freedom Front Party), Obey Chiwara (MavamboKusileDawn), Nyasha Solomon Makwati (Progressive Democrats of Zimbabwe), John Elfigio Muzhazhe (Transform Zimbabwe), Tinashe Maduza (Zanu-PF), Tapera David Mabuwa (Independent), Pedzisayi Nheta (Independent), Taungana Madhino (Independent), Tendai Morris Makoni (Independent)

0911: Voting started peacefully in Highfield West with people thronging polling stations to cast their vote. By 9:05am at Canaan Bus Terminus poling station 101 had successfully voted while 13 were turned away.

0842: Voting has started well in Dzivarasekwa constituency and 46 people had voted by 8:30am this morning.

Source : The Herald