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A suspected con-woman sweet-talked a man whose scrap metal consignment was held at Beitbridge border post since 2010 that she was related to Zimbabwe Revenue Authority Commissioner-General Gershem Pasi and asked him to pay her US$40 000 for the release of the goods.

Tinomuwonga Simbi (31) of number 6 Bird Cage Flats, Herbert Chitepo Street in Harare appeared before Harare magistrate Mr Donald Ndirowei, facing fraud charges and was remanded to August 7 on US$100 bail.

Prosecutor Mr Farai Gatsi alleged that in November 2013, Mr Rollen Muchegwa met Simbi and told her that his scrap metal was being held by zimra since 2010.

Simbi reassured Mr Muchegwa that she would facilitate the release of the consignment because she was Mr Pasi’s niece.

It is alleged that she immediately “phoned” Mr Pasi whom she then said had instructed her to bring documents of the goods at his residence.

Enticed by Simbi’s supposed relations with Mr Pasi, Mr Muchegwa surrendered the scrap metal’s documents before leaving for Zambia on a business trip.

Simbi allegedly sent a WhatsApp message to Mr Muchegwa asking for Mr Pasi’s payment and Muchegwa sent US$1 000 through Western Union.

Simbi was given another US$500 plus a Honda Fit ABX 2066 after indicating that Mr Pasi had instructed her to go to Beitbridge.

Simbi introduced Mr Muchegwa to a man only identified as Sifelani whom she said was employed by zimra and was allegedly sent by Mr Pasi to assist her.

Simbi later informed Mr Muchegwa that she was involved in an accident in the company of Sifelani on their way to Beitbridge and was instructed by Mr Pasi to tow the vehicle to Harare.

Sifelani later arrived in Beitbridge complaining of chest pains due to the “accident” and the process of obtaining the scrap metal was abandoned.

Sifelani told Mr Muchegwa that he was instructed by Mr Pasi to see a manager identified as Suarez at Beitbridge border post the following day.

After a week, Simbi demanded US$10 000 for the release of the goods and gave Mr Muchengwa a copy of the release documents in Simbi’s name, ordering him to pay another US$16 000 for storage fee.

Muchegwa lost US$40 000 and his vehicle to the two.

Source : The Herald