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A pastor with Ambassador Christ Church who last year was arraigned before the Gweru courts on allegations of raping a neighbour’s 11 year old daughter was on Monday acquitted of the charges for lack of evidence.

Shepherd Sande, aged 53, allegedly dragged the juvenile to his bedroom and raped her on two occasions.

Sande from Woodlands Park, Gweru was acquitted by regional magistrate, Morgan Nemadire after he ruled that the state had failed to produce enough evidence against the man of cloth.

The girl was inconsistent when she testified in court and it also emerged that she had gone for counselling before Sande on mischievous behaviour with boys in her neighbourhood.

It was the state’s case that on a date unknown to the prosecutor but in August last year at around 1pm, the accused called the girl to his house as he wanted her to buy an airtime card for him.

When the juvenile returned, Sande told her to put the airtime card in the dining room but later followed, dragged her to his bedroom before raping her once.

Further allegations were that in the same month Sande saw the girl going to the nearby shops to buy bread and then gave her money to also bring him bread.

Upon her return, Sande allegedly led her to his bedroom where he raped

her again.

When Sande made attempts to rape the girl on the third occasion, she refused and told her mother about the ordeal, leading to the pastor’s arrest.

Source : New Zimbabwe