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Pastor Bonnie Deuschle and Celebration Ministries International recently recorded a live D for their new album “God Is In This Place” at the church’s premises. The fully-packed service was attended by people from all walks of life apart from the congregants who joined in song and dance.

It was a joyous moment which brought tears of joy and thankfulness to some.

The full praise and worship experience titled “God Is In This Place” will be produced, mastered and released on D on the January 29 2015.

Bonnie Deuschle and Celebration are known for their dynamic praise and worship, from the exuberance of African chants to the majesty of melodies, harmonies and lyrics.

In an interview, Pastor Gao Gwindi, director of Celebration Music Ministry International could not hide her joy over the album.

“Celebration’s pioneering music impacts the lives of all who listen and draws them into the presence of God. This incredibly unique album has captured that same powerful spirit, but on an entirely new level. The vibrancy of their energising rhythms, laced with the diversity of sounds and cultures, transcends time and generations”, Gwindi said

Some of Bonnie’s most favoured tracks on the new album include “God Is In This Place,”, “Makatendeka,” the Shona song written and produced by Bonnie’s sons, Daniel and Jonathan and “I Stand In Awe” which she performs together with her daughter, Sarah and her eldest son Tommy.

The extraordinary experience was then succeeded by glow in the evening, a one-of-kind Christmas carol event. When asked if carols still had the same influence as they had in the past, Pastor Bonnie said: “I believe they do.

“When we incorporate carols into our music during the Christmas season we provide a platform for the people of Harare to worship in a fresh, lively and energetic atmosphere.

“We don’t have ordinary carol services. We celebrate with light flashing, glow-stick waving, king marching, musically creative performances, all innovative and imaginative and centred on the one true meaning of Christmas — the birth of Jesus Christ.

“Not to mention our Celebrated Children’s orphan orchestra, who were eager with their Christmas hats and finely tuned violins to grace the ears of all who walked through our doors.

“It is important to remember that when we celebrate Christmas we are not just celebrating for one night or one month we’re continuing the celebration of our Saviour all year long.”

This was echoed by Pastor Tom Deuschle.

“Many of the words in the Christmas carols are direct quotes from scripture,” said Tom Deuschle.

“And because they’re the Word of God, they have creative power and remain ageless. That’s why we never tire hearing and seeing them each year,” he said.

At the close of the service many could be seen mingling and this proved to be so enthralling, crowds remained for hours taking and sharing photos, eating Christmas cakes and cookies,and fellowshiping over hot chocolate and tea from a coffee shop, Connections.

Further details obtained are that “God Is In This Place” is available on electronic media on Telecel Teletunes, Econet Buddiebeatz, iTunes, Play Store. Once released the official “God Is In This Place” D will be available at WordWide Bookstore inside the Celebration Centre , Arundel Rock, Innov8 Chain, Westgate Music Shop, Eye-Like and Mobitech at the end of January, 2015.

Source : The Herald