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Pastor Charles Charamba and wife Olivia, who are the Zimbabwe Traffic Safety Council Road Safety ambassadors, have urged motorists to drive safely ahead of the Easter Holidays.

Speaking at the “Dr Nero Commemoration gig” held in Harare Gardens, Charamba urged members of the public to drive safely.

“A lot of things come along the way but people should know that Jesus died to save our lives therefore we should drive cautiously,” said Charamba. The “Machira Chete” singer said people should not drive under the influence of alcohol.

“Usually people travel to see their relatives during Easter. They go to church gatherings to celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus and they drive long distances but the most important thing is to drive safely and be patient on other issues that come when driving,” he said during a gig to commemorate the life of Naison Chimbetu.

A number of artistes performed at the event with comedians Kapfupi, Loyd Kurima aka Mabla 10 and Jabulani Sigauke, popularly known as Sekuru Zvambu, joining the Charambas on stage.

The event saw Allan, Douglas, Suluman and Tryson Chimbetu, collectively known as “Dendera United”, sharing the stage. Sulu and Tryson went on to perform together their duet, that will be released in June, much to the delight of the audience.

Macheso also lived up to expectations when he belted out his yester-year hits such as “Madhawu”, “Monalisa”, “Charakupa” and “Baba naMai”.

Other artistes who performed at the event were Savious Mawere and Gift “Shiga Shiga” Katulika.

Allan, who is the brother to Naison, said he was happy that musicians and music lovers came to the event to celebrate the life of another musician.

“It is encouraging to see that people have the Chimbetu family at heart and we want to thank music lovers for turning up.

“However, the show comes barely a week after Douglas lost his child in a car accident,” he said.

Source : The Herald