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A PASTOR at the Abundant Life Global Ministries, who was facing charges of raping a congregant claiming his sperms would cleanse demons planted in her womb by her husband, was Wednesday found not guilty.

Harare magistrate Adoniah Masawi said the court was convinced that the sexual intercourse between the man of the cloth, Danmore Magorimbo, and a married congregate whose name has been withheld, was by consent.

He said the evidence did not amount to the level required, adding that the complainant exhibited so much confusion in her evidence which ate into her credibility as the state witness.

According to the state, Magorimbo allegedly raped the complainant who was under the influence of his magical powers which can turn a person into a zombie.

The woman told the court she was not aware of what was happening and only got back to her senses when she got home.

She however did not report the matter to the police or even tell her husband about the incident which came into light six months later.

Initially, the husband sued the cleric for adultery but later pressed rape charges against him.

Masawi said all this evidence weighed against the woman.

“The woman alleged that Magorimbo laid his hand on her forehead which resulted in her losing her senses and consequently having sexual intercourse with the pastor.

She however went on to state that she initially believed that having sex with the pastor would cleanse her and she actually rejoiced over it, something which shows that she was equally aware when she had sexual intercourse with him,” Masawi said.

The complainant was said to have been summoned by Magorimbo and his intercessor, Leeshalow Kambiro, also known as the Spirit of the Truth, a day after the incident and she consented.

Masawi said this again left the court with so many questions because she would not have gone back to see someone who raped her.

In addition, the court heard that the woman approached the cleric when congregants started calling him names such as Gumbura, who was arrested for raping congregants. Court heard that she asked why people were calling him such names, something which showed that she had an interest in the pastor.

“The court is surprised why she became so interested in her spiritual father’s private life. Also, attending the same church for six months after the alleged rape leaves a bitter taste in the court’s mouth,” he said.

Masawi said it was also difficult for the court to prove the concept of supernatural powers as it relied on empirical evidence.

Charges against Magorimbo arose in April last year after he was said to have raped the woman and subsequently solicited the help of his intercessor, Kambiro, to ask the woman to accept, rejoice and celebrate her “cleansing”.

The woman alleged that Pastor Magorimbo misrepresented to her that he wanted to drive out evil spirits and after laying hands on her forehead, she became unconscious and was raped by the man of cloth.

It was alleged that Magorimbo repeated the act again the following day saying the woman needed a second dose of the anointing before Kambiro, threatening the woman not to make the matter public otherwise she risked the wrath of God.

Upon hearing this, the woman decided to report the matter to other church members leading to the issue being reported to the police.

The woman, according to the state, joined Magorimbo’s church to seek spiritual deliverance as she was experiencing marital problems.

Source : New Zimbabwe