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“All the good maxims have been written. It only remains to put them into practice”, said Blaise Pascal . There are people in life who are ever looking for outside motivation.

They are ever on the trot looking for motivational articles, speakers and they attend every motivational forums in their vicinity.

We have the kind of people who have good motivational books, CDs and articles but nothing in their lives is changing.

After reading a book or attending a seminar a flame is lighted inside of them but at the end of the day or week nothing is changed. We need to have the courage to put into practice what we are taught or what we are motivated to do .

Aocate Arthur Marara once said, ” you may have all the motivational notions but if you are not ready to take action you will not go anywhere”.

We need not rely on other people to motivate or push us, we need to be brave enough to take action. The reason why we have a lot of motivational hypothesis put forward by Abraham Maslow, Elton Mayo, Frederick Taylor and others is because no theory is adequate to position a person into real action .

It is difficult for external forces to make us move until we allow them to. Real motivation does not come from books or this column or conventions, it comes from within.

What motivational speakers and writers do is to act as pointers, as sketchers the person who has to bring out the real blueprint of what you want to do is you.

Stop accumulating Ds and books on motivation when you are not prepared to get up and start acting.

Winston Churchill once said, “personally l am always ready to learn although l do not like being taught”.

This is the same kind of an attitude we need to have. Be able to learn new things without having someone to teach you .

We must possess the aptitude of being able to be proficient in doing things we have to do or we want to do without being pushed or being challenged by someone.

The external motivation must only be there to start a flame but you should be responsible in making the flame and keep it burning.

Don’t let the flames die before you could set out real fire. Learn to be your own tutor and be your own motivator.

Learn to have courage in yourself and let the you inside rule. Have a relationship with your inner being because you are always there when you need yourself.

Source : The Herald