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POPULAR reggae artiste Mike “Mic Inity” Madamombe was yesterday gly warned by Harare magistrate Mr Milton Serima to pay the outstanding maintenance arrears of $600 for the upkeep of his two minor children.

Madamombe had for the third time made an application for more time to pay and was given up to the end of this month to clear the arrears.

Mr Serima warned Madamombe that failure to clear his arrears would attract a custodial sentence.

“Pay the remaining $600 by the end of the month,” he said. “Failure to pay that amount will result in you serving the alternative sentence.

“Do not expect to be treated in a different manner simply because you are a musician, you are not immune to the law so you just have to pay the money.”

Madamombe had said he was failing to raise the money because his music was not selling.

“I am failing to raise money because of piracy,” he said. “Moreover, my shows are not being attended by many and I do not have any other source of income.”

Madamombe is facing a charge of breaching a High Court maintenance order to pay $150 for the welfare of his two children.

His arrears amounted to $2 100 at one point but he has since paid $1 500, leaving a balance of $600.

Source : The Herald