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“We are nothing but pencils in the hands of the Creator.” This saying describes the vagaries of life and how we can never predict how it will go despite all our planning. But in Prosper’s case it can be used to show how he makes his own world come alive for himself and those privileged to see his creations.

At just the age of 13, Prosper is already showing signs of morphing into a great artist judging from his wizardry with the pencil.

Gifted with photographic sharpness, Prosper can draw images that he comes across with vividness that is shocking.

“When I look at this building, I can draw it from memory if you ask me to do it for you say, tomorrow or thereafter.

“It is something that I enjoy doing and I believe God created us with minds that can store things to a certain capacity that cameras do when they capture images and then reproduce them,” he said.

Although he is good as a fine artist, he is also a wizard when it comes to the abstract realm where his creative juices ooze without constraint.

It is in this area that one gets to know what the Kuwadzana 8 Primary, Grade 6 student carries in his mind and also thinks.

“Images flash in my mind and I then grab my pencil and draw them down. Sometimes, I even shock myself when I come up with something that impresses people who remark how much the art is appealing,” he said.

Although he is passionate about his art, Prosper says he always makes time for his studies.

“Books are important and these contribute a lot to what you may want to do professionally as an artist. I thank my teachers and parents who are very supportive and encourage me to be talented in both academics and art.

“In my class, I am the one who draws and designs our charts. My favourite subject is English and my sport is soccer. I can say I am an average student,” he said.

Prosper said it takes him an hour to finish his drawings and wants to be a pilot when he finishes school.

“I love planes and it is my dream to fly one some day. I have lost count of some of my drawings not because I don’t keep them, but some of them have been misplaced by my brothers,” he said.

He cited his asthmatic condition as his major setback.

He is the last born in a family of four boys.

Source : The Herald