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The Finance Ministry has moved the pensions pay date for this month from tomorrow to next Wednesday. In a statement yesterday, Civil Service Commission Acting Secretary Mr Clifford Matorera said:

“The Civil Service Commission aises that the Ministry of Finance (Treasury) has moved pensions pay date from the 25th of April to the 30th of April 2014.”

Mr Matorera said the change in pay dates had been necessitated by adjusted pension payments and back-pays.

The Finance Ministry last week moved pay dates for a chunk of the civil service for this month from Tuesday to today due to challenges in transmission of funds caused by the Independence and Easter holidays.

Last week, a smaller portion of Government workers including soldiers and teachers received their salaries with increments back-dated to January 2014.

Government and civil servants signed a salary deal in January and the least paid civil servant will earn US$375, inclusive of allowances.

The lowest paid teachernurse now earns a basic salary of US$284 and US$116 and US$100 in transport and housing allowances.

Source : The Herald