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VISITING United Kingdom-based disk jockey, Peter Johns, will again be the headline act at an old school gig scheduled for Hellenics Sports Club this Saturday. After an exciting act at the Star FM anniversary “All Star Party”, Johns will be at it again this weekend at the gig that has been dubbed “Taking You Back, The Biggest Old School Event to hit Zimbabwe”

“I have been trying to get him to come here for a very long time and when he finally came upon Star Fm’s invitation we decided to carry out the plan. It is a strictly 80s and 90’s music show but there are no limits to the genres,” said the show’s organiser Jason “Jaybone” Wyngard.

He said while the gig was meant to be a treat for old school fans, young people could use the opportunity to see how the party scene looked like back in the day.

Kimble Rogers, Otis “The Flow” Fraser, and Wyngard himself will share the decks with the veteran deejay.

“We looked for other deejays that we felt were able to be on the same stage with the veteran DJ and they will be there on Saturday. As we rewind to the 80’s and 90’s, we want to show people things that used to drive parties then,” he said.

In an effort to evade the cold weather, the show will be held indoors. Tickets are already being sold and doors will be open on 8pm.

“People can come through for the ultimate old school experience. Peter Johns is the main attraction and will perform for a couple of hours during the show. We have a corporate partner who will give away surprise vouchers as the show unfolds. We will only shut down in the early hours of the following morning,” said Wyngard.

Source : The Herald