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THE furore surrounding the late vice president Joshua Nkomo’s tribal origins continued Tuesday with another veteran of the liberation struggle Dumiso Dabengwa insisting the late nationalist was from the Kalanga ethnic group.

During the bush war that brought majority rule, Dabengwa was a close Nkomo confidante serving in the Zipra armed wing as chief of intelligence.

The former Home Affairs Minister told NewZimbabwe.com in an interview that Nkomo was Kalanga.

“The fact that he hailed from Matabeleland South, a province domiciled by predominantly Kalanga speaking people, means he had Kalanga blood in him.

“I am not sure about his Sotho origins and will not talk about that much. However the whole thing about ethnicity leaves a sour taste in the mouth and is out of order.

“It is inappropriate and gets it even worse when people try to defend the indefensible.”

Dabengwa was responding to State media reports that quoted a distant relative of the former vice president Dumisano Nkomo as saying the revered Father Zimbabwe was of the Sotho ethnic group.

The ethnic storm was torched by President Robert Mugabe’s post-Sadc summit gaffe in which he described citizens from the South West of the country as “uneducated and responsible for petty crimes in South Africa”.

Mugabe was addressing journalists in the aftermath of the deadly xenophobic attacks against immigrants by South Africans.

The Zanu PF leader has come under attack for the remarks with human rights lobby groups and opposition parties demanding that he apologises.

Zapu, early this week equated, Mugabe to former German dictator Adolf Hitler whose Nazi government exterminated more than 12 million people, the majority of them Jews and other minority ethnic groups at the height of World War 11.

Information Minister Jonathan Moyo has tried to explain the gaffe, arguing that Mugabe was only referring to a colonial-era stereotype about Kalangas.

Source : New Zimbabwe