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Zimdancehall might be the in thing now, but it has been on the scene for some time. While they were under the urban grooves banner Bootkin Clan, Honey Vibes and Brown Sugar of the “Hwishu” fame were outstanding dancehall artistes who made waves during that era. The script was different then because as only those who had a passion for the genre pursued it. Fame would only come as a result of talent as there were no dedicated “dance hall” programmes on radio or gigs for the youthful artistes.

Nembo Bway and Pido Bway of the “Misodzi” and “Dai (Moyo Waibvisika)” fame also broke out during the urban grooves craze. To date, only a handful from this breed of dancehall musicians remain as most have since vanished

Paidamoyo Sachiti better known as Pido Bway, however is set to make a comeback

While he was barely 16 at the time he was rocking radio. He is back 10 years on with a 10 track album, “Gwanamwana”.

Scheduled for release at the end of August, Pido Bway said he is out to give “young guys” a run for their money.

“I had not really vanished from the radar as I was doing music from behind the scenes. I have a number of recorded material from these past few years. I am compiling the best for the upcoming album,” he said in an interview.

Pido Bway said he has been working with a number of producers, a move aimed at giving his songs a different feel.

Source : The Herald