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I AM just one small creature among the whole creation of God on earth and this universe, but I tend to pity God sometimes.

He is supposed to hear every prayer and wish from every lip and heart and he has to answer all our prayers at the same time.

Sometimes he doesn’t.

This is maybe because we would have asked the wrong way or maybe he would be too busy with more pressing matters.

From football matches to politics, he is often invoked by competing interests, usually in equal fervency.

He does not always grant draws and stalemates and equals: sometimes we see favour in his actions.

We do not really understand how he operates in his divinity and we should not even try to I think there is some counsel to that effect.

Yet God is an abused man, and let’s give it to him, some things that we do deserve to be punished heavily.

He is the God of Desmond Tutu — I hope everyone knows what kind of blasphemy issues from this man that says he doesn’t worship “a homophobic God” and has accused God of having low standards that “you will be surprised by the people you will meet in Heaven”.

I don’t think the holier among us will meet Desmond Tutu in Heaven he will be nowhere in its locality (and am I not judging?).

Many foul things have been done in the name of God, including making money, lots of money, not in casinos and red light districts or some such evil places but in church.

I have just been reflecting on these issues especially in relation to one Morgan Richard Tsvangirai.

He is of God, like all of us.

He needs him, like — or perhaps more than — us.

Morgan Tsvangirai abuses God, again like all of us, and one does not have to look further than his Easter and Independence message to see the level of pious abuse of God and Jesus Christ.

Before we go into the details, it may be useful to situate Tsvangirai as a man in a political imbroglio: he recently lost an election, and one too many at that.

Tsvangirai is facing pressure from some people in his party who are demanding his ouster from the helm of the party that he has led for the past 15 years, fruitlessly.

Besieged Tsvangirai is fighting back, both literally (read physically) as well as metaphorically.

Tsvangirai has now invoked God, and on Easter he invoked God and Jesus to help him fight the Judas Iscariots he perceives in his party.

He told us that he got a lesson from Jesus’ betrayal by those who lived with him.

He said: “It remains a great lesson to us mere mortals that the betrayal by those close to us should not sway us from our mission. We learn that the 30 pieces of silver in the pockets of those around us should never sway us from the sanctity of our mission because we know that our cause is just.”

“We ask our loving God to cast away the spirit of Judas Iscariot, the spirit of betrayal that continues to roam this earth to this day,” he said.

“We know our Lord God will exorcise this spirit from some among us the spirit to sell out for the love of a mere 30 pieces of silver. Just 30 pieces of silver were not worth Christ’s mission, so too, our cause and struggle too great to warrant a price,” pontificated Tsvangirai.

This may yet rank as one of the most conceited exhortations to God, our long suffering God and Jesus, the Christ that died suffering for our sins.

And most ironical, too.

It is known that Tsvangirai, who ran away from the liberation struggle thereby betraying the quest for Independence, is Zimbabwe’s biggest Judas Iscariot post independent Zimbabwe.

He has been freely compared to the likes of Jonas Savimbi and Mobutu Sese Seko.

His party has been bankrolled by western countries to reverse Zimbabwe’s independence.

The west has stopped, as is apparent, giving him pieces of silver after realising that he will not deliver the Jesus that is this country.

For Tsvangirai to speak of Judas Iscariot is hypocritical.

Or does he not have a mirror?

Let us concede there may be a whole legion of Judas Iscariots in the MDC that is why Tsvangirai sees a lot of them around him.

One more interesting thing in Tsvangirai’s message.

He bemoaned that independence had not, in his view, brought freedom.

“We are not free because we continue to be persecuted for our political choices,” he said.

Hold on: is this the same man on whose hands Elton Mangoma, Welshman Ncube, Trudy Stevenson, Promise Mkwananzi among many others have been beaten up?

Tsvangirai may have forgotten all about them.

Right now in the MDC-T party, which should be the shining example of democracy, expressing dissent is a sure way of getting beaten and harassed by thugs loyal to Tsvangirai.

His rallies have become no-go areas for those perceived to be against him.

Tsvangirai is persecuting people within his party that have dared to challenge his authority.

And we have our Tsvangirai going all holy on Easter and telling us about Jesus and freedom.

Jesus would not shout “Catch!” as we hear Tsvangirai did as he unleashed youths on Mangoma.

The holy Jesus promptly mended the ear of that unfortunate fellow whose ear had been severed by Peter’s sword.

Such was Jesus’ benignity.

We know, of course, he could deploy holy anger, when needed, as in that case of gambling in the church.

It would have been a miserable time were Jesus to make use of such skill everyday, in light of the opposition and persecution he faced during his mission.

Remember he was Jesus of miracles.

He could unleash storms and fire.

His opponents could simply vanish.

Yet Jesus did not use force or use his disciples as a kind of mafia.

He is above us, mere mortals, that is why it is prudent for us not to abuse his kind example for selfish ends, especially politically.

We must leave Jesus and God out of our petit earthly fights and money making.

We may get punished for it.

Source : The Herald