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Armed police today assaulted hundreds of MDC youths who marched and petitioned parliament for the immediate release of Itai Dzamara, an activist who abducted by suspected state security agents on Monday at a local barber shop.

The riot police attacked the MDC youth on their way from Parliament where they had gone to petition legislators to force government to release the abducted activist.

The MDC condemns the barbaric police assault of peaceful demonstrators that caused commotion in the city centre.

The MDC youths told parliamentarians outside the august house that the government has an obligation to protect its citizens and ensure that Dzamara is released.

Yesterday, MDC leader, President Morgan Tsvangirai demanded the release of Dzamara and accused President Mugabe and the State of culpability in the abduction.

Dzamara has been leading public but constitutional protests against the government, for which he has previously been brutally attacked by State security agents. The MDC Youth Assembly unequivocally demanded a full investigation into why Dzamara was abducted in broad daylight in a supposed free nation.

Source : Movement for Democratic Change