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Police have launched another massive crackdown on major roads leading in and out of Harare, checking on unlicensed drivers and uninsured vehicles.

Our correspondent Simon Muchemwa said they are also targeting misbehaving motorists like kombi drivers, who have a habit of trying to flee from the police when ordered to stop. Motorists who have not paid tariffs are having their vehicles impounded.

Officials from the Zimbabwe National Roads Administration (ZINARA), the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) are helping police with the spot checks. Police are pulling over all uninsured vehicles, while ZINARA are checking if motorists have paid their road permit disks.

‘They are also checking if drivers are licenced. If you tell them you forgot your licence, they are vetting each and every driver to see if they have got driving licences. This crackdown is more intense than previous ones,’ Muchemwa said.

As with previous such programs, there has been an outcry from motorists who accuse the authorities of doing nothing more than raising funds for the broke government.

‘While they they’re impounding vehicles and arresting motorist for various offences, the main targets are those that have failed to display or pay ZINARA disc fees. To many this looks like government using its departments to raise cash for the treasury,’ Muchemwa added.

Source : SW Radio Africa