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The ongoing police investigations into the Baba Jukwa Facebook saga have dragged in more top government officials, including a minister, a senior military official and a fashion designer.

The state run Herald newspaper said Environment Minister Saviour Kasukuwere was questioned on Saturday by the CID division about his role, just days after the police summoned Information Minister Jonathan Moyo.

Both officials have not revealed what they discussed with investigators, saying this is confidential and still in the courts. The report said sources close to the investigations had suggested that more senior officials were expected to be questioned by police, bringing the total number of suspects so far to thirteen.

The Herald identified the army official as Lieutenant Colonel Kembo and the designer as Herbert Huruba, who is said to have created the “Hovhorosi style” dress code. Both were questioned on Friday.

Some of those called in by police and been named by the former Sunday Mail editor Edmund Kudzayi, who is out on bail after being accused of being the controversial Facebook blogger. His brother is also facing the same charges of conspiracy.

The Herald said Huruba had introduced the Environment Minister Saviour Kasukuwere to an Australian hacker named only as Kennedy. Kasukuwere then recruited Kudzayi to use his technical skills to check out information provided by Kennedy.

The report did not specify how the army colonel Kembo was involved, but the connection may lie in Kudzayi’s claim that Kasukuwere referred him to Information Minister Jonathan Moyo, who then linked him to the Ministry of Defence investigators.

Moyo confirmed last Thursday that he had been summoned by the police team probing the Jukwa case and had turned up with his lawyer.

But Zimbabweans appear to have lost interest in the Jukwa case, which has dragged on for months as more important bread and butter issues take precedence in a country whose economy has collapsed.

Jukwa made headlines ahead of the last year’s elections when he began a blog that allegedly exposed the inner secrets of the ZANU PF politburo and corruption by senior officials, claiming to be a disgruntled ZANU PF insider.

Source : SW Radio Africa