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POLICE from the dreaded Harare CID Law and Order division have summoned former St Marys MP, Job Sikhala for questioning over an offence which they could not readily disclose to the controversial politician.

Sikhala has since hired fellow MDC-T politician Obert Gutu, a lawyer, to accompany him to Harare central police station.

Gutu confirmed on his Facebook page the firebrand politician has been summoned to the police station.

“So on Tuesday, April 15, 2014 at 10.00 hours I will take my client, Job Wiwa Sikhala to CID Law amp Order Section at Harare Central Police station. The Police say they want to “talk” to my client,” was all Gutu could say.

Although the former student activist was reportedly in the dark on what he had been summoned for, he could easily have been called for utterances he made at a party rally in Harare Sunday.

During the rally, Sikhala urged party supporters to brace for “war” against President Robert Mugabe’s regime, which he accused of running the country down and reducing the entire nation into virtual paupers.

Sikhala said any solution outside dislodging the 90 year-old leader and his government would see the entire population wiped out by the current Zanu PF imposed penury.

The outspoken politician said Zimbabwe’s current slide to disaster was so fast that if left unchecked, the MDC-T shall lose its entire support base through hunger, rendering the regime change opportunity offered by the 2018 elections, useless.

“I was talking to President (Tsvangirai) and Chamisa (Nelson) that we cannot wait for 2018,” he said, “All of you who are here do not have a dollar in your pocket to buy vegetables for your family.

“If we continue to lag behind in fear, we are going to be suppressed until Jesus Christ returns. Let deal with Mugabe so that he will know that elections cannot be rigged. Prepare for the biggest war of your life so that we liberate our country.”

Sikhala recently abandoned his MDC99 party to rejoin the party he co-founded 1999.

Source : New Zimbabwe