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Police have been asked to submit a report to court on allegations of torture in detention of Johanne Masowe eChishanu apostolic sect members accused of assaulting police, journalists and other officials in Budiriro in May this year.

The 36 members of the sect, led by Ishmael Mufani who is still on the run, were charged with public violence.

On their first appearance in court, the members lodged complaints against the police.

They told magistrate Mr Vakai Chikwekwe that they were battered, detained for over two days without food before being brought to court.

Mr Chikwekwe ordered the State to investigate the assault allegations and police are expected to submit their report on July 16.

Prosecutor Mr Farai Gatsi alleged that at around 11am on May 30, ACCZ president Bishop Johannes Ndanga, his delegation and 26 police officers, went to Mufani’s shrine in Budiriro to address the apostolic sect members regarding denial of education to children and abuse of women in general.

Source : The Herald