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POLITICAL rivals have hit out at MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai after he admitted entertaining nostalgia for racist Rhodesia when life, in his view, was a lot better for ordinary people.

Criticising President Robert Mugabe and his Zanu PF party’s handling of the economy, Tsvangirai wistfully recalled his labouring days under Ian Smith’s colonial settler regime.

“When I started work I was given $450.00 which was equivalent to the same amount in pounds. A dollar could buy 5 beers. We recall those days with nostalgia,” Tsvangirai told MDC-T youths at an event held in Harare Wednesday.

Head gone!, said Zanu PF spokesperson Rugare Gumbo in response.

“He does not belong to Zimbabwe, but Rhodesia,” Gumbo told the Herald.

“This is expected from a mentally ill person. You cannot miss a colonial regime that exploited us. His approach and outlook is colonial and there is nothing you can do about such a person.”

Another Zanu PF activist Christopher Mutsvangwa added: “This is the typical language of an Uncle Tom,” he said. “You can free a slave, but cannot take the slave mentality out of him as on announcing his new freedom he timidly asks who is going to be his new master.

“Even after ocean cruises frolicking with hired love as the country’s Prime Minister in a free Zimbabwe, Tsvangirai still hankers for kachasu in a Bindura mine compound of racist Rhodesia.”

Who in their right mind says things like that? … Zanu PF spokesman Rugare Gumbo

The MDC Renewal Team said it was remarkable that Tsvangirai would remember the price of beer in Rhodesia while ignoring the racial oppression of the black majority.

“We do not want to restore Zimbabwe, but renew it to the best levels on the values of the liberation struggle,” said Jacob Mafume, spokesman for the Renewal Team.

“What we simply have is a dispute with the liberation movement, Zanu-PF for not fulfilling some of the aspirations of the liberation struggle not that we want to go back to Rhodesia.”

War veterans leader Jabulani Sibanda weighed in saying: We are happy that he is saying it, that he stands for Rhodesia.

“We have always tried, sometimes with pain, to explain to the people who this person is. He believed in a Rhodesian system that a black person should not own land and cattle, should not go to school.

“He believes that whiteness is superiority and blackness is a curse. That beer he is talking about, blacks were not allowed to drink the spirits, but Bantu beer, masese.”

Source : New Zimbabwe