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A Nyakatsapa High school teacher was hacked to death with an axe by his wife after he accused her of being possessed by evil spirits which he said were destroying their marriage.

Police said on June 13, Manners Bhowa, 49, was killed at his home at the school where he was employed.

At around 2000 hrs on the tragic night, the family retired to bed and Manners had a heated argument with his wife Pamela Phiri Bhowa, 45, who is also employed as a teacher.

Manners accused the wife of being possessed by evil spirits which he claimed were causing problems in their marriage.

Pamela then took an axe and struck Manners three times on the head and he died on the spot.

The following day, Pamela left for work and told her two sons that their father had travelled somewhere.

On June 15, the couple’s children discovered that food they had left for their father on the previous evening had not been eaten.

They went to their parents’ bedroom and discovered their father dead lying beside his bed with several deep cuts on the head. They also saw dry blood on the floor.

The kids rushed to inform the school head and other staff members who attended the scene and then reported the suspected murder to the police.

An axe stained with blood was recovered on the scene and Pamela was taken for questioning.

After hours of interrogation, Pamela admitted that she had murdered Manners after they had an argument.

Domestic violence is on the increase in Manicaland province.

NewZimbabwe.com reported this week that an irate man struck his wife once on the head with an axe whilst she was asleep after a heated argument on Sunday last week.

Never Mutebuka, 27, of Muchenerwa village under Chief Makumbo, handed himself to Buhera police after he killed wife Mollen Ziwengwa, 19, who was accusing him of being possessed with evil spirits that had allegedly been wrecking their marriage.

According to provincial police spokesperson Inspector Enock Chishiri, on June 12, the couple retired to bed at around 2100 hrs with their nine-month-old baby.

The two reportedly got into a heated argument with the wife accusing Mutebuka of being possessed by evil spirits.

This did not go down well with Mutebuka who waited for the wife to sleep and, around 0200 hrs, he woke up and took his axe from behind their bedroom door and struck her once on the head.

She died on the spot.

Source : New Zimbabwe