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A woman yesterday told the court that she was unable to get a decent job to take care of her child because she failed to finish her Ordinary Levels after being impregnated by her husband. Prisca Kativhu made the revelations at the Harare Civil Court where she was claiming US$200 from Livingstone Jeche for the upkeep of their child.

“He is contributing nothing towards the upkeep of his child yet he earns a lot of money from his job,” she said.

Kativhu told the magistrate Mr Tafadzwa Muvhami that Jeche was a policeman and was getting US$600 per month but still he was neglecting his child.

“He is one of the drivers of the Presidential motorcade and he gets a lot of money in allowances.

“I am jobless because he impregnated me while I was in secondary school and I failed to sit for my O-Level exams,” Kativhu said.

Kativhu said she wanted Jeche to start paying cregraveche fees for their minor child, saying she also needed money from him to go back to school and finish her O-Levels.

Jeche offered to pay $50 per month saying he was father of two other children he sired with his ex-wife.

“Yes I am a policeman but I cannot afford to contribute $200 per month because I am taking care of my other two children.

“I want this honourable court to grant my order because I am suffering alone with the child,” he said.

Mr Muvhami ordered Jeche to pay $100 per month towards the upkeep of his child starting from January 31 next year.

Source : The Herald