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A Harare-based Nigerian businessman last week narrated in court how his pregnant lover allegedly embarrassed him on the city’s streets when she stripped during an argument. Christian Beremu said this at the Harare Magistrates’ Civil Courts where Tatenda Marova was seeking a protection order against him. Beremu claimed that Marova, who he said was a commercial sex worker, stripped naked in public.

But Marova insisted that Beremu was simply trying to mask issues.

“He has to shoulder the responsibility of paying maintenance to me and take care of our unborn child whom he is neglecting,” she said. “He is not helping me with anything and he started avoiding me after I told him that he impregnated me.”

Beremu in turn said Marova was a prostitute he met at a night club.

“She is lying that I am responsible for her pregnancy because I never had sexual intercourse with her,” he said.

Beremu said if he was responsible for Murova’s pregnancy, the baby she was going to give birth to was going to be a “miracle baby”.

“I am not her boyfriend and I never proposed love to her,” he said. “I only came to know her when we met at a club in town and that’s when she told me that she was in love with me.” Beremu claimed that Murova was an embarrassment to him.

“She must leave me in peace because I told her that I have a lovely wife at home and three children,” he said. “She is aiming at ruining my marriage.”

Magistrate Ms Gamuchirai Siwardi dismissed Murova’s application for a protection order after noting that she was claiming maintenance. She ordered Murova to approach the Maintenance Court.

Source : The Herald