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Mozambican President Armando Guebuza on Thursday laid the first stone for the renovation of the EN6 road between the port of Beira and the town of Machipanda on the border with Zimbabwe.

The ceremony took place in Tica during the second day of his ldquoopen and inclusive presidencyrdquo visit to the central province of Sofala,

The Mozambican government will spend 410 million US dollars on the full rehabilitation of the road, using a loan from the Chinese export-import bank (Exim Bank).

The road is 287 kilometres long and the work is due to be completed in the second half of 2017. It will be substantially widened, with 1.7 kilometres of bridges, 900 metres of culverts, fifteen intersections, two weighbridges and six police control posts.

Toll stations will be erected along the route at Chimoio, Nhamatanda and Dondo. Currently, the only major road in the country with toll gates is the Maputo-South Africa motorway, operated by the South African company Trans-Africa Concessions (TRAC).

The Chinese Anhui Foreign Economic Construction Group (AFECC) is building three work yards along the route and mobilising the necessary machinery.

The National Road Administration (ANE) has appointed Shenyang Engineering Supervision and Consultation to supervise the work.

Hundreds of people witnessed the ceremony to launch the project, during which President Guebuza hailed the current level of cooperation between Mozambique and China.

President Guebuza called on the local population to look after the roadworks because the current road cannot meet their needs for transporting people and goods, resulting in a loss of income for families along the road.

The road will also expand the hinterland of Beira port into Malawi and Zambia.

Source : Agencia de Informacao de Mocambique