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The MDC is a social democratic party whose main ethos and principles are benchmarked on tolerance, love, empathy, peace and harmony. As a party of excellence, the MDC deeply values, respects and upholds fundamental and basic human rights particularly freedom of expression and freedom of association. We would like to put the record straight that President Morgan Tsvangirai has not banned party members from using social media such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter etc. President Morgan Tsvangirai is a champion of democracy and free speech and indeed his track record as the country’s most popular politician speaks for itself.

Throughout his political activism, President Tsvangirai has personally championed the cause for the opening up of both the public and private media space to enable all Zimbabweans to freely articulate and propagate their political and other views.

As a voluntary association, the MDC is bound by certain rules and regulations. Indeed, all voluntary associations the world over (including churches and business associations) have to abide by a certain code of conduct in order to achieve stability, unity and cohesion. MDC members are a disciplined group of cadres who very much appreciate the need to use social media platforms for the purpose of maintaining and promoting party discipline, unity and cohesion. The insinuation that party members are no longer allowed to use social media is thus palpably false misleading, preposterous and malicious.

Party members are free to use social media in accordance with the guidelines and standards that are being set up by the party leadership. Social media platforms should not be abused to promote hatred, division, gossiping and rumour -mongering. These guidelines are being made available to all party members who would like to use social media platforms to communicate amongst themselves. Should there be any doubt as to what these guidelines are, my office is more than willing and able to assist any party members who are keen to activate their social media platforms.

The MDC is a beacon of hope for all progressive and democratic – minded Zimbabweans and as such the party will do everything within its power to ensure that freedom of expression and freedom of association are not only respected but that they are also jealously guarded and protected.


Obert Chaurura Gutu

MDC National Spokesperson

Source : Movement for Democratic Change