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Zimbabwe Assemblies of God Africa (Forward in Faith) founder Apostle Ezekiel Guti has said President Mugabe can go on leading the country because age does not prevent anyone from carrying out such a duty.Apostle Gutui’s comments come hard on the heels of the release of a telling survey by Afrobarometer, a respected pollster, that found that President Mugabe’s popularity was on the ascendancy as trust and support for the opposition MDCs plummets.

Speaking on the sidelines of the ministry’s 55 years celebration held at Bulawayo Queens Sports Club yesterday, Apostle Guti said one’s ability to lead was not determined by their number of years.

“People think what they think, so long a man stays healthy he can do it,” he said. “The President can continue so long he can feel that he can do it and that he has the strength to do so. There is no way you can please everybody.”

Speaking on the increasing number of churches sprouting up, Apostle Guti said there was no way one could stop that.

“Some churches are good and some are bad,” he said.

“People are copying things, for example from Zaoga, and they start their own things and there is no solution to that.

“For example in Harare, there are two churches where people were kicked out for trying to be one of the leaders and they formed their churches.”

Apostle Guti said it was ignorance on the part of some people to seek holy anointing oil from outside the country. He said some people go abroad for anointing oil because of pride and some because they want to have miracles of their own.

Apostle Guti said what separates a false prophet from a true man of God is that a false one would be there for a short time.

“When you are young, it is very easy to mix up the truth and bad things,” he said. “It is difficult to maintain a good leadership when one is still young. For one to stay long in the ministry, the secret is to fear God and stay in the word. Don’t try to please everybody.”

Zaoga FIF, which was established 55 years ago, is still going g and has spread its wings to more than 120 countries.

Source : The Herald