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Visual artists need to gain inspiration from different dimensions and scenarios so as to come up with masterpieces and for young painter and designer Wayne Mashiri, inspiration comes from President Mugabe.

The youthful painter says it’s the milestone of achievements accomplished by the revered statesman that makes him her source of inspiration.

“His Excellency has accomplished so much be it in the academics as well as steering the nation from the colonial regime and now the empowerment drive.

“Most importantly and especially for us females, our President has always stood for our uplifting in all sectors and now we have a female Vice President and the quota system ensures that females get a better chance of enrolling in various tertiary institutions across the nation,” explained the artist.

Mashiri says it is her respect and adoration for the statesman that has made her come up with a painting of the President.

“I have always wanted to do the painting and actually doing it is a lifetime achievement for me because I am very sure there is no other leader who can be able to achieve what the President has done for this country, for us youths and more so females, he is our true hero and we respect him for that,” she said.

The multi-talented artist who is also part of a dance group Block 65 says it would be an honour if she could present her piece to the President.

“I am happy with the painting of a hero and inspiration but would be so much honored if the piece is presented to him.

“As an artist there wouldn’t be anything more really I would ask for if that dream becomes a reality,” Mashiri explained.

Mashiri says youths should try to emulate the work of the President so as to help the nation grow.

The young artist has so far exhibited on different platforms but her biggest stage was when she rubbed shoulders with renowned artists in the 2013 “Green Shoots Exhibition” at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe.

Source : The Herald