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President Morgan Tsvangirai’s meet the people programme in which he meets with local authorities took him to Gweru today where he expressed concern at the level of suffering of the ordinary people. The MDC leader however, was impressed by the efforts being undertaken by the MDC-led council to deliver service to the people.

President Tsvangirai brought the town to a virtual standstill when he walked the streets of Gweru, interacting with vendors and small-scale traders to understand their plight perculiar to them.

Accompanied by the mayor of Gweru, Hamutendi Kombayi, the MDC leader spent the whole day in the midlands town. He walked through the city of Gweru, and went and interacted with the residents of Mukamba, Ascot, Mkoba and also visited factory shells and new vending stalls constructed by the MDC-run council to alleviate the plight of residents.

The mayor took the MDC leader to Mkoba 16 where municipal effort has brought water into the area after 10 years.

Speaking after the tour, President Tsvangirai commended the council’s effort to alleviate the plight of the residents. In fact, there was commonality in the problems being faced by the cities as shown by inadequate revenues that are barely sufficient for salaries leaving nothing for service delivery.

He said MDC councils will not chase out vendors and informal traders as ordered by Chombo because they were victims of Zanu PF’s incompetence and misgovernance. He said municipal authorities were still suffering from Chombo’s populist decision to cancel debts which had left authorities in acute financial deficit.

Luke Tamborinyoka

Presidential Spokesperson

Movement for democratic Change

Source : Movement for Democratic Change