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President Tsvangirai today spent the whole day with ordinary Zimbabweans who lost homes, property and crops in Mbire in the floods that wrecked livelihoods in the Zambezi valley in Mashonaland Central.

The MDC leader left tonnes of household packs that included tents, blankets, clothes and grocerries for the hundreds of families in the floods ravaged area. He had first visited the makeshift tents that are providing temporary shelter for some of the families. He said the government must ensure that there is no partisan distribution of any form of assistance tat will be rendered to the community.

President Tsvangirai then gave some families goodies that included food packs and left the rest of the packs he had brought with local traditional leaders and village heads whom he told to ensure that the handouts went to all deserving families, regardless of political affiliation.

Addressing thousands of villagers in Nyambudzi village in ward 12 in Mbire, President Tsvangirai bemoaned the natural calamity that befell the hapless families in the Zambezi escarpment and other parts of the country, where floods destroyed homes and crops, impacting negatively in a huge way on the lives of the people.

“I hope that government and NGOs will also assist. There is no reason for anyone to render assistance along partisan lines. I hope everyone will be assisted and I hope the village heads will assist all affected people”

President Tsvangirai also urged the youth to reject being used to unleash violence on people but to positively channel the energy to demand for jobs so as to improve their livelihoods.

President Tsvangirai later visited homes of some survivors of the 2008 state sponsored violence. He was shown houses that were destroyed by Zanu PF vigilantes who unleashed unprecedented violence following the MDC’s defeat of zanu PF in 2008. The MDC leader promised the thousands of villagers that he would source more food for the distressed families.

Luke Tamborinyoka

Presidential Spokesperson

Movement for democratic Change

Source : Movement for Democratic Change