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We thought that we had heard the last of Priscilla Misihairabwi Mushonga since her rather unceremonious, if bitter, departure from the political scene.

Of course we were wrong.

You cannot suppress Priscilla.

She has her own irrepressibility, her own compelling-ness and her own, unique outlook.

That is what we have come to know of Priscilla the politician, from opposition through what was called the inclusive Government (where she would charm and annoy in the same measure) and back to the opposition.

Now we are not quite sure wherever she is.

Let’s say we have a hint. But the quintessential Priscilla is that irrepressibly charming and disarming woman.

You cannot resist her.

And she can be dogged defiant.

Which is what she did when it looked certain that she was going to end her romance with Welshman Ncube’s faction.

One day, to our surprise, she had an outburst on Facebook.

It started off as a letter by a member of the Ncube faction to a local daily.

And here are bits of what Priscilla, which a website captured beautifully: “Just saw the letter in the Daily News, ouch it’s sore to be in junk yard, and am so waiting to be pushed out, no one is indispensable the sooner you do it the faster you march to statehouse riding on donkeys.”

That was hard hitting.

She had been the secretary general of the junkyard.

But she was not finished.

“. . . please keep writing it is so gratifying to know that there are so many of you that really genuinely not just dislike me but hate me, Aluta continua I so await for the next instalment. Happy hating.”

She continued with her tirade: “If abusing me puts more money in their pockets, more peace, more joy and better satisfying sex, more power to them if people are having lighter chests, lower blood pressure, if it helps you to write about me, I am more than happy to have more healthier people so write please write and when you are ready for the final push do it with style I can’t wait.

“I don’t mind those that think that the revolution will be achieved by pushing me out the sooner they do it the faster we all can leave (sic) happily ever after, so let’s encourage them they may be the saviours we were looking for, they must know something we don’t know, that our problems would just go as soon as this evil person Priscilla is banished please let’s support their cause.”

Sooner, rather than later, we heard that she had resigned from MDC Ncube, a cause she had become so entrenched in, even to the extent of becoming as tribal as the rest of the tribal gang that we perceive to make the faction.

We hear she has a maternal connection to the south western parts of the country.

Wily Priscilla

But she did not leave because she was pushed out.

We hear there is more to it.

See, the two offshoots of MDC-Tsvangirai, the so-called Green and Orange formations have been engaged in talks which, you could say, have been fruitful to the extent of giving us some provisional structural arrangement.

The negotiations involved a lot of horse trading and this entailed that one side did not have to have the undue aantage.

Qualitative, political aantage.

Now, as is now common knowledge, the two most powerful posts in the structure of the new opposition parties are the president and the secretary general.

In the negotiations or resultant structures, no one side would have the aantage of having both positions.

Priscilla, irrepressible as she is, had to think fast.

We hear that she entered into the truce with Tendai Biti of the Orange side and somewhat secured the post of secretary general for herself.

That means that her own Ncube boss would have to settle for less!

That was untenable.

That would be unacceptable.

That is why animosity grew around her, she that had been favoured with a free seat.

She, a Shona, who had been given a seat in Matabeleland.

How ungrateful!

That could have been the source of the anger and the letter.

Her days were numbered.

But would she care?

That is why she afforded to poke the MDC Green in the eye.

Thumb her nose at them.

A junkyard.

Doomed movement to State house — no triumphal entry in a thousand years.

Sex and Priscilla

We are getting to the most curious thing, now.

You may bet that some men may consider Priscilla saucy, which makes such species sexy.

The irony of it is that she likes to talk about sex, herself.

Go to her rants above.

She tells talks about “better satisfying sex” for her tormentors.

There is a word for it: sadomasochism.

We wonder if it is her idea of sex or if she believes in such political relationships.

Perhaps it reveals her own rebelliousness her own Priscilla-sness.

We have seen her a couple of times during public discussion forums when she would get worked up, abused and humiliated, yet she seems to enjoy it all.

But that is not the most interesting part.

Thanks for H-Metro we have a glimpse on how she finds sex useful.

We are told that she has urged women to boycott sex if the International Women’s Day is not declared a public holiday.

She said this will “make people mad”.

“If you think the 8th of March should not be a holiday, then perhaps we should say no holiday no sex so that at the end of the day there is a rest of women because every man would want to have sex on that day.”

So is this Priscilla’s big idea.

Sounds curious, doesn’t it, that it is about her first contribution to national discourse after her fallout with Welshman?

It is too simplistic, too anachronistic and, generally, too laughable to merit a discussion. But that is Priscilla.

Is she says she was festering, suffering, in a junk yard, we wonder whether she did not deserve to be there in the first place.

Meanwhile, we await her next move.

Back to the big junkyard?

Source : The Herald