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A 34-year-old man who was in his final years of a seven-year jail term for robbery was hit with a further ten year prison sentence after he was found guilty of sodomising a fellow inmate.

Atan Ngwenya, 34, sodomised his fellow inmate in November last year.

Bulawayo magistrate, Crispen Mberewere, convicted him of indecent assault and slapped him with 10-year jail sentence.

Ngwenya, who had pleaded not guilty to the charge, will serve seven years of the sentence after three years were suspended.

“The courts share society’s indignation to such acts and have consistently frowned upon such abomination like men preferring sex with other men. The court cannot do worse than acknowledge societal perception,” Mberewere said while passing sentence.

The court refused to consider in mitigation, the claim that Ngwenya was desperately in need of sex due to the time he had spent in jail since he was about to finish his term.

It could not be immediately establish how much time Ngwenya still had to serve when he committed the crime.

Prosecutor, Trust Maduma, said on November 7 last year at around 3am, Ngwenya sneaked into a fellow inmate’s blankets.

“Once in the blankets he removed his erect manhood and inserted it into his inmate’s anus without his consent and the inmate was sent to Mpilo Hospital for treatment,” Muduma said.

A medical report produced in court confirmed the inmate, whose name cannot be published, was raped.

In his defence, Ngwenya said the complainant had fabricated the charge on the aice of “some enemies in the prison who want to fix me”.

“I did not commit the offence. The court must be lenient with me as I am asthmatic and am the bread winner for my children whose mother has since deserted them,” he said.

Source : New Zimbabwe