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Drummer Enock Kamhiriri has released his first single that features gospel musician Mathias Mhere.

Kamhiriri, who recently set up a recording label Healing Hands Recording Studio, said the single is part of his upcoming album. The musician is based in the United Kingdom.

“While we are working on an album we have decided to release a single that features one of the celebrated gospel artistes in the country,” he said.

Kamhiriri expressed hope that people would take their time to listen to the message in the song.

“The song has a simple message that if you do good then you will receive blessings and if you do wrong bad things will follow you,” he said.

He said they recorded the song last year when Mhere was in the United Kingdom.

“We are working towards an album but for now people can listen to the single,” he said.

He said the experience he gained while working with several artistes as a producer was enough to inspire him to work on his album.

“As Zimbabweans in the Diaspora we need also to raise the flag of the country high through our art works,” said Kamhiriri.

He has been working with other artistes including Rodha Tongogara and Pinael Munatsi on some of their projects.

“We wish to work with a number of artistes who are based here and in Zimbabwe so that we keep on improving our industry,” he said.

He is also one of the directors of Rhema Praise, a promotional company that has been inviting gospel artistes in UK.

“Art is a form of employment and you can actually live off it, that explains why I joined Hohodza Band in 1993 when I finished my education,” he said.

The musician worked with Hohodza before going solo and setting up his studio.

Source : The Herald