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Spirit Embassy Ministries founder Prophet Uebert Angel Mudzanire’s elder brother, Limit, yesterday testified in court and exonerated the man-of-cloth of any wrongdoing. Testifying as a defence witness in the ongoing trial of a Harare man Anderson Tagara, accused of helping the church leader defraud businessman Mr Ndabazinengi Shava of his Bentley, Limit also cleared Tagara saying that he did not commit any offence.

He told the court that he did not know Tagara and had never met him adding that Shava did not seed his car to his brother (Angel) but had sold it to the Mudzanire family for $76 000.

In his evidence being led by Tagara’s lawyer Mr Itai Ndudzo, Limit told the court that he is actually the one who paid the money to Shava at his house after collecting the registration book.

“Shava came to our church offices with the Bentley and offered to sell it to us and he told us that we could even test drive it and by then I was in the company of our elder brother Benjamin. He said he was selling it for $76 000 and we notified our brother Angel (Uebert) as well and as a family we decided to buy it since the price was fair,” he said.

He added, “He (Shava) then told us that the vehicle was not in his name since he had bought it from a one Tagara and said that he would organise an agreement of sale from him.

“I later went to his house in Highlands where I collected the vehicle registration book and the agreement of sale which had been signed by Tagara and in the agreement of sale, we indicated Benjamin as the buyer and I personally handed him the $76 000. We wanted to have the ownership changed but we could not finalise that,” he said.

During cross-examination by Law officer Mr Editor Mavuto, Limit denied any knowledge of the seeding issue.

“If he seeded the vehicle to my brother, then what was the agreement of sale for and why was I given the registration book if that was the arrangement?,” Limit asked.

He questioned as to why the vehicle issue was raised after Prophet Angel had left the country.

Mr Mavuto asked Limit if it was logical for someone to sell a motor vehicle for $76 000, which he would have bought for $300 000 and he did not give a satisfactory answer.

Mr Mavuto accused him of trying to protect Prophet Angel.

“Do you know you can also be implicated in this and you are trying to defend your brother who is the principal offender?”

In response, Limit said he had only come to court to testify what he knew.

In his evidence Tagara told the court that Shava approached him with an agreement of sale in which he (Tagara) was cited as the seller and Benjamin as the buyer, which he signed. On the other hand Shava is accusing Tagara of processing a fake agreement of sale in connivance with Prophet Angel purporting that he (Shava) had sold the vehicle to Benjamin.

Regional magistrate Mr Noel Mupeiwa, is expected to pass his judgment on March 12 after the filing of closing submissions by both the State and the defence counsels.

Source : The Herald