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Midlands provincial registrar Ms Agnes Gambura was briefly detained by police on Tuesday on allegations of physically assaulting her subordinate who disregarded her orders to go to her house to remove clothes she had left on the washing line.

Ms Gambura allegedly assaulted Miss Fadzai Mudemba — an office orderly — at the Registrar General’s Office housed at the Government complex in Gweru.

Deputy Officer Commanding police in the Midlands province, Assistant Commissioner Musarashana Mabunda said he was aware of the matter, but could not be drawn into giving details. Police sources said Miss Mudemba made a report of assault under CR96:315, adding that Ms Gambura was then called in for questioning and was briefly detained for undermining the authority of the investigating officers.

“She then refused to cooperate, undermining the authority of the investigating officers, leading to her being briefly detained.”

The police sources said investigations were still underway, adding that as of yesterday several employees from the registry office had been called in to give their statements.

The sources said in her statement, Miss Mudemba indicated that she was assaulted by Ms Gambura on February 15 after she failed to go to her house to remove her clothes which she had left to dry on the washing line.

“Ms Gambura washed her clothes on Sunday February 15 and left them on the washing line to dry as she proceeded to work.

The sources said Miss Mudemba, who was also on duty on that day, was told by Ms Gambura not to forget to remove the clothes from the washing line since she did not want her clothes to be soaked by rain.

Miss Mudemba forgot to go to her boss’ house to remove the clothes leading to Ms Gambura to assault Miss Mudemba twice before she made a report to the police

Source : The Herald