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The Premier Service Medical Aid Society’s interim management has called for a special meeting for its members to deliberate on progress with regards to bringing normalcy to the society over the past year since appointment of the interim manager on June 13 last year.

This comes as the tenure of the interim management draws to an end. It was appointed for only a year.

PSMAS interim manager Dr Gibson Mhlanga said the meeting is scheduled to take place on May 21 in Harare.

He said he will present his report to PSMAS members for the period covering June 2014 to May 2015 in line with what he was mandated to do on his appointment last year.

“Notice is hereby given that there will be a special meeting of PSMAS members to be held at the Rainbow Towers on Thursday the 21st day of May 2015 at 10:00hrs,” said Dr Mhlanga.

The meeting will also deliberate on his report and adopt it if deemed fit.

Dr Mhlanga said PSMAS members were expected to deliberate on proposed amendments to the society’s constitution which, among other things, include removal of the title group chief executive officer and substituting it with principal officer.

Members are also expected to deliberate on creation of a holding company to regulate the society’s investments.

Dr Mhlanga was mandated to assist Government oversee operations of the society in the absence of a board of directors.

Part of his terms of reference included instigating the process of a forensic audit, re-looking into the society’s remuneration structure, reviewing its financial position, constitution and relationship to Premier Service Medical Investments (PSMI), among other relevant issues.

Problems at PSMAS started when an “obscene” salary structure which saw former group chief executive officer Dr Cuthbert Dube earning an average of $500 000 every month was exposed.

His top executives were also earning mega salaries averaging $60 000 a month, excluding benefits.

This came at a time PSMAS was failing to pay service providers, resulting in its members failing to access health services.

Following the exposeacute, Dr Dube and the society’s board chairman Mrs Meisie Makelotso Namasasu were forced to step down.

Subsequently, the whole board of directors resigned and an interim management was appointed to bring back normalcy at the society.

Source : The Herald