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Premier Service Medical Aid Society interim manager Dr Gibson Mhlanga is still in office four days after the expiry of his term of office at the society, The Herald has learnt.

This means Dr Mhlanga will continue to draw benefits from PSMAS until the board meets on a date yet to be announced.

In an interview with The Herald yesterday, Dr Mhlanga, who is the principal director for Preventive Services in the Ministry of Health and Child Care, said he was waiting to officially handover the oversight mandate to the new PSMAS board of management.

“Basically, what’s left now is just a handover takeover to the new PSMAS board and that is something that should be done quickly,” he said.

Dr Mhlanga said so far only six board members have been appointed out of the anticipated 11 as enshrined in the society’s new constitution.

He said names of the three nominees, who are supposed to be nominated by Government and two others by private entities, have not been released yet.

“Once the board is fully composed, we would then make a smooth handover and takeover process,” said Dr Mhlanga.

Dr Mhlanga said he was confident that systems were now in place at PSMAS and the new board should find it a doable task to oversee operations of the society.

Last week, PSMAS members elected three board members as their representatives to the board at an annual general meeting held in Harare.

Public Service Associations have since submitted names of their nominees to the PSMAS board.

PSMAS spokesperson Ms Mavis Gumbo said the society had since written to the private sector to provide their nominees by June 17.

Government nominees were supposed to have been nominated by June 9, the day of the AGM.

“Once we have the full constituency the board will then hold its first meeting, where they will elect their group chairperson,” she said.

PSMAS has been running under an interim management for the past year.

Last month, the society appointed local businessman Mr Henry Mandishona as the new managing director, who will also be part of the new board.

Other board members elected at the AGM are Mr John Mulilo, a lecturer at Nyadire Teachers College, Mr Valerio Mukova acting deputy provincial director in the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education and Mr Jameson Mukaratirwa a director in the office of the Attorney General’s Office.

Source : The Herald