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Premier Service Medical Aid Society has launched a new product that will enable service providers to access client information from a swipe machine. Under the Point of Service (POS) members will get an electronic card that is swiped for the service provider to access the information from PSMAS’ database. PSMAS head of communications and stakeholder relations manager Ms Mavis Gumbo said last week that the system would see service providers being issued with a POS terminal similar to the ones used by banks and retail shops.

She said members, through the new technology, would be assured of treatment from service providers and avoid trips to the society for confirmation of membership status.

On the other hand, claims adjudication would be done online before service was offered, she said, enabling the provider to know exactly how much PSMAS would reimburse for services offered.

“We are excited to be launching this product, which will go a long way in ensuring smooth service for our members,” said Ms Gumbo.

“With this card, the member has added security, has greater control over how they access their benefits and also how service providers check on eligible members.”

Source : The Herald