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Larche Home for the Disabled in Waterfalls was recently treated to an early Christmas with the Purple Pride Family Choir who hosted a Christmas party for them. Not only did the home receive Christmas gift amidst pomp and fanfare but musicians at the establishment earned themselves a recording contract with the gospel choir.

In an interview, Purple Pride Family Choir founder Albert Mtengwa said the choir was working with the home towards a single to be released next week.

“We are identifying talent and nurturing it through our arts and academy project.

“The single we did with Larche Home for the Disabled will be released next week on Friday and the video will follow in mid-January next year.

“The song is about Larche story and we will record, market and finance the song but, most importantly, we will give them the rights to the song,” he said.

Mtengwa said the project was about marketing people’s

homes that are little known so that people pay attention and assist them.

“The people at Larche were fascinated about music as we spent time practising with them before the Christmas party.

“After perfecting their songs we held a concert for them as part of their Christmas present and it was a new experience for them.

“We want to showcase their talent and we encourage people to support them. Eighty percent of the people at Larche are wheel- chair-bound but disability does not mean inability,” he said.

Mtengwa stressed that it is the choir’s norm to raise funds for the disaantaged annually before holding a Christmas of love and worship for an identified home.

Source : The Herald