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WHILE most foreign guests invited to the ZANU PF Congress were singing praises to President Mugabe and his party a delegate from South Sudan broke ranks with her colleagues, warning that the squabbles that have seen the purging of VP Mujuru and her allies were not in order.

People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) Acting Secretary General, Anne Itto Leonardo, told Mugabe and his supporters point blank this week that if Zanu PF is to survive, they must bury their differences with Mujuru and her allies.

Leonardo, who is also the South Sudanese minister of agriculture, was the fourth to deliver her solidarity message after the ANC representative Dr Zweli Mkhize, who had wished Mugabe the wisdom to take the country forward.

After Mkhize came an official from Namibia’s SWAPO who claimed that there were deliberate machinations orchestrated from outside the continent meant to destabilise cohesion among revolutionary parties. After him followed a delegate from the Democratic Republic of Congo who also offered praises for Mugabe.

But when her turn came the South Sudan emissary openly told Mugabe and his supporters that infighting within the ruling party stood to seriously affect the economy and ordinary Zimbabweans.

“May I appeal to the leadership that you need to sit down and talk over your problems and I am sure you can solve them internally”.

“If the fights continue, it will cause the people to suffer solve these internal problems please.

“This is my appeal coming from the bottom of my heart. I know there are some internal problems happening in the ruling party ZANU PF but young as I am, I think there is need for you to come back together again”.

After she finished delivering her message the silence that followed was evident enough that her appeal had not gone down well with her hosts. Previous solidarity messages had been followed by ululating, dancing and singing.

December 12 Movement and Cuba Communist Party were also among those who delivered their solidarity messages.

In his key note address Mugabe had thanked the delegates for working together to flush out people who were bent on betraying the ideals of the liberations struggle.

Mugabe is known to resent criticism from whomever and to cherish obsequious following.

Source : New Zimbabwe