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Quadruplets that have been staying at Harare Central Hospital since their birth nine months ago after their parents’ rented room was condemned by health authorities left the hospital on Wednesday after a well-wisher offered them accommodation. The quadruplets and their parents will stay in rented accommodation in Waterfalls, but are expected to move out to their own house soon.

The parents have since bought building materials for a house using the $5 000 that was donated by Mr Killer Zivhu of the Zimbabwe Amalgamated Housing Association last week.

Speaking at Harare Central Hospital, the well-wisher Mrs Lillian Choruwa thanked Mr Zivhu for taking the initiative by donating the $5 000 towards the family.

“Mr Killer Zivhu played a major boost when he donated $5 000 towards the construction of the house since they did not have enough resources to start building their house in Stonebridge Park, Waterfalls,” she said.

“I decided to help since the parents left their education at primary school level and had no other means to support them, so I shall be paying for their rentals in Waterfalls until their home is finished.”

Mrs Choruwa said she had formed a Quadruplets Trust of Zimbabwe that is going to benefit all quadruplets in the country.

The quadruplets’ mother Mrs Alice Mutasa could not hide her joy at leaving the hospital.

Source : The Herald