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A documentary film “Tears from Inside”, which was launched at the Book Cafe, on Tuesday focuses on sexual abuse against women and children. The documentary film is based on real-life experiences and features three women who were raped. “The objective behind this documentary is to create thirst among stakeholders, Government and non-government, to address the plight of women and children,” said the film’s producer and director, Collen Magobeya.

He said he decided to give rape victims, who had the courage to share their experiences, a platform to speak out so that people understand their plight.

“The platform was for the rape victims to speak out because it is difficult for them to have a mouthpiece and in that regard people would notice that it was even difficult for us to produce this documentary because it’s not within our culture to find such platforms for the voiceless to be heard,” he said.

Magobeya said his wish was to produce the documentary film in different languages, including sign language, so that people would know what the women went through at the hands of heartless men.

“It is very difficult to speak out as a victim. It is even more difficult if you have got disabilities and my wish was to produce this documentary in sign and many other lan- guages.”

The first woman on the film was given a lift by two men who later raped her and, unfortunately, the husband could not stomach it and sent her packing.

She did not report the case on time. By the time she made a report, she was already pregnant and HIV positive.

The second one was raped by her uncle and is currently pregnant while the third fell prey to her “prophet” (Madzibaba).

Magobeya thanked the three women for their courage to speak out saying it will go a long way in assisting others who are in the same predicament.

He also thanked everyone who made the production a success.

“I would like to thank the victims for their bravery and for making this production a success. I thank Andrew Mandaza for coming up with the beautiful drawing, my production team Time Baluwa and Mike Kalongondo for an amazing work, Rudo Chasi for composing our theme song and the team that worked tirelessly behind the scenes,” he said.

Source : The Herald