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Upcoming urban grooves rapper Tafadzwa Kaseke, whose stage name is Taflex, has released a theme song for Father’s Day which will be commemorated this Sunday.

Father’s Day is held annually on the third Sunday of every month of June and it was set aside to celebrate the role that fathers play in society.

Titled Daddy, the song – which is featured on Taflex’s recently released debut offering titled “Kutambisirwa Nguva” – assumes a poignant angle in the way that it captures the voice of a child who is lamenting how the death of the father left a big void that is difficult to fill in life.

“Daddy makandisiya ndichiri mudiki, ndisina chandinozivaNdaidawo kugara nemi hupenyu hweseRudo rwenyu, kufara kwenyu nedzidziso yenyu ndaida kuzviziva… (Daddy you left me while I was still young, I would have treasured your love, care and guidance),” are part of the lyrics in this touching song.

“I decided to compose this song for Father’s Day since it is just around the corner and also because fathers occupy a very important place in our lives and losing them is a wound that is difficult to heal,” Taflex said.

Meanwhile, the rest of the songs on the five-track album show that Taflex is on the right path, that is if he maintains that standard.

The title track, “Kutambisirwa Nguva”, was inspired by a real life situation which occurred to one girl whom the singer was acquainted with who was impregnated while still in school and then ditched.

“Girls should not be swayed and tempted and forget about building their future,” aised Taflex.

“Dai Akandiudza” is the story of a married woman who falls in love with a man whom she does not tell that she is married until the relationship comes out in the open and things come to a head, while “Moyo Wangu” and “Ndiwe” are equally impressive.

Recorded at Lenestings Studios, the album is already receiving a warm response from listeners who have bought copies from the Chitungwiza-based artiste who is into self-marketing.

Taflex was born on April 22, 1991 in Chitungwiza. “The future looks bright, although my appeal is to promoters to support us (upcoming musicians),” he said.

Source : The Herald