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Local Rastafarian, Trevor Hall, has vowed to assist and nurture Zimdancehall artistes for them to master the art of real reggae roots if the genre has to be long-lasting, pure and clean.

Affectionately known as Ras Jabu the musician and television presenter said he is willing to help Zimdancehall artistes to take their genre to another level.

“There is a future ahead of the genre and I am willing to help them take it to higher levels with lyrical content that can be accepted the world over.

“We have very creative artistes in the country whose talent can earn them big, doing collaborations with international artistes if only they can change their behaviour and messages,” he said.

He said the love for Jamaican reggae icon Bob Marley as the pioneer of the genre has influenced Zimdancehall artistes.

“Many youths in the country grew up under the influence of roots music and have formulated to what they can relate to as Zimdancehall.

He said although talented, comprehending the essence of roots music is a problem for some artistes.

“The aent of technology is a good gesture but has negatively impacted on roots music for youths are now depending on computers for their sound.

“If you listen to their music, one can easily feel that there is a lot of difference with roots music. The influence of their message is warring,” he said.

Ras Jabu said singing to promote the abuse of drugs, sex among other bad things cannot get dancehall artistes anywhere.

Source : The Herald