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THE Morgan Tsvangirai wing of the fractured MDC-T claims MPs who sided with secretary general Tendai Biti in the opposition party’s leadership fallout have pleaded with the faction to readmit them.

The MPs were summarily expelled from the beleaguered party when Tsvangirai and his group sat down as a national council and resolved to expel Biti and the dissenters for an “attempted coup” on the party’s founding leader.

Party spokesperson and Tsvangirai ally, Douglas Mwonzora told NewZimbabwe.com Tuesday the MPs have since communicated with the Tsvangirai camp “asking for reprieve”.

“Seven out of those nine MPs have since approached us asking for a reprieve,” Mwonzora said, while dismissing claims most of the opposition MPs sympathised with the Biti cause but were yet to come in the open.

MPs who attended the Mandel Training Centre “national council” meeting which prescribed suspensions on Tsvangirai and his top lieutenants were Biti, Paul Madzore, Solomon Madzore, Moses Manyengavana, Willius Madzimure, Samuel Sipepa Nkomo, Bekithemba Nyathi, Evelyn Masaiti and Watchy Sibanda

But Mwonzora refused to name the MPs who have since begged for acceptance back in the party, although saying this happened last Friday.

“I am not yet in a position to disclose but we have asked them to write letters of readmission,” said the former Nyanga North MP, adding that three have since submitted the letters.

“We want to do it at a press conference when we have discussed their letters in the National Standing Committee.

Asked if his faction had imposed any conditions on the return of party rebels, Mwonzora responded: “It depends with the role they played. The decision is ours. It depends with the degree of culpability of each Member of Parliament.

“There were some who played a very minimal role and there were some who played a very, very active role. Their treatment is different or the conditions that we impose on each one of them is different.”

Efforts to seek comment from Jacob Mafume, spokesperson of the “Renewal Team” were unsuccessful as he kept switching his phone of. Mbizo MP Settlement Chikwinya, another party “rebel”, who also not picking up his phone.

However, the MPs are said to have since been confronted by angry party supporters in their constituencies clamouring for their expulsion from parliament after they ditched Tsvangirai.

The majority of the opposition’s MPs have chosen to sit on the fence while trying to gauge which direction the wind was blowing.

The MDC-T leadership crisis broke early this year when deputy treasurer general Elton Mangoma’s wrote to Tsvangirai demanding his resignation pending the election of a more effective leader free from any scandals.

Biti whose role in the plot was still subject to speculation, emerged two weeks ago to announce the suspension of Tsvangirai and his top leadership for alleged use of violence and undermining of the party’s constitution.

While Biti, an experienced lawyer and strategist, seems to have done his homework and is waiting to floor Tsvangirai in impending court battles, the ex-Premier meanwhile, seems to be enjoying support from multitudes of party supporters during his rallies.

Observers say this could be an indicator as to who is more popular in the country’s biggest political party.

Source : New Zimbabwe