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RedFox hotel celebrates its fourth anniversary as a powerhouse in promoting reggae and dancehall in Zimbabwe. The celebrations will be in four parts whereby beginning tonight the famous Black Supremacy from Kenya is expected to perform back to back with RedFox Family Sound, Legendary Sound and a special performance by Soul Jah Love.The party continues on Independence Day at Londoners where Black Supremacy and RedFox Family Sound , will be blazing it up on stage. If you love reggae then this gig is for you.

Later, on Saturday the pleasure returns to RedFox hotel where it will be music non-stop with Mike Madamombe aka Mic Inity, Nadine Brown, Jiggaz, Mannex and the Mo Family.

The curtain will come down on celebrations with House of Stone and on Sunday the fun moves to Glen Nora A where Redfox is set to open what is known as RedFox Je-taime April at paSpaceman.

“Black Supremacy outta Kenya, RedFox sound, Legendary sound, Digital One international with performances by Soul Jah Love and Jiggaz is somthing to look forward to this Holiday,” said Tendai “J T” Matava , the executive marketing Manager of RedFox

Source : The Herald