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FATHER Zimbabwe, the late Dr Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo. If the good Lord had not summoned him to higher responsibility, he would have been 97-years-old today. I was privileged to be his Special Assistant during the days of our liberation struggle and indeed post independence,in various other capacities.

I consider myself most fortunate to have been closely associated with this iconic giant, indeed a colossus. He will ever remain a legend in our minds.

Among his numerous occupations were those of a magical auctioneer, lay preacher, social worker, politician, farmer, businessman, trade unionist, prisoner, diplomat, husband, father, grandfather, ZIPRA Commander-in-chief, Cabinet minister and Vice President of the Republic of Zimbabwe to name but a few.

His work was his life and his life was his work.

The late Father Zimbabwe was not a man of fixed appointments. He was flexible in his operational diary, at home or at his offices.

His doors were always open and security personnel were under strict orders never to turn back anyone who wanted to see him.

People came from all over the country and beyond to consult him on numerous issues. His style of personally storming into people’s offices without any warning to solve other people’s problems was legendary.

His anger and temper were always measured in style.

The vast portion of his personality was that of a jovial man. He would find humour in any situation. He was indeed a charismatic leader, well loved and respected by the masses.

He was smart in both mind and attire.

He came, he performed and he departed. His deeds live forever and his life an everlasting reference to those who subscribe to the total freedom and sovereignty of our Nation.

His vision on land reform and economic empowerment to the majority of our people became a beacon of our development thrust. By and large our current policies and programme to improve the lives of our people are in fulfilment of his dreams.

This Legacy dinner is therefore not ordinary.

As we masticate, we must also reflect and apply our minds to the deeds of this great man whose legacy represents a rich harvest.

Happy Birthday Mdala wherever you are.

We know your soul was elevated to the heavenly splendour. We owe your everlasting gratitude. Distinguished guests enjoy your dinner.

Glory be to God.

This was an address by Ambassador Simon Khaya Moyo (SENATOR), Zanu-PF National Chairman and Senior Minister of State in the President’s Office at the Late Father Zimbabwe – Dr Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo (Umdala) Legacy Dinner.

Source : The Herald