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Government will establish an independent regulatory authority to supervise medical aid societies.

Health and Child Care Minister Dr David Parirenyatwa said this to the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Health and Child Care last week in oral evidence on the state of affairs at Premier Service Medical Aid Society.

“We would like to see proper governance structures at PSMAS and at all medical aid societies. That is why we are pushing as a ministry that there should be a regulatory body, a regulatory authority . . . We want a regulatory authority that regulates all medical aid societies,” he said.

Dr Parirenyatwa said PSMAS board members had abdicated their duties, resulting in management getting hefty packages.

He said a six-member committee was reviewing PSMAS’ operations and would aise on the way forward.

“So, there is no vacuum now what is there is that this team is there and we have aised that there be an audit whether it is a remuneration audit or forensic audit that should be able to say you earned so much how did you earn it? Who gave you permission, we don’t want it to be hearsay.”

Source : The Herald