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MDC-T is at sixes and sevens over its participation in the by-elections. They resolved at their special congress held in November last year to boycott any election until the so-called “electoral reforms” are in place. However, those in the higher echelons of the misguided party seem to be oblivious of the constituency they must be accountable to.

The MDC-T leadership never consulted its rank and file about their decision to boycott elections. As people who profess to belong to a democratic movement, one would think they should have widely consulted their grassroots before rushing to pass an undemocratic, foolhardy resolution. Basic democratic principles dictate such an engagement.

In the by-elections scheduled for March 27 2015 in Chirumhanzu-Zibagwe and Mt Darwin West constituencies, members of the party had submitted their curricular vitae to participate.

If they had been consulted and aised clearly about the party’s position on by-elections, they would have not shown their intention to join the race.

The supporters of this party want to participate in the by-elections and the high-handed MDC-T leadership is thwarting the political aspirations of its members.

At times, it is economically wise to boycott an election in which defeat is certain for you. This is the prime consideration made by the MDC-T to boycott the March by-elections as the 2013 electoral defeat by Zanu-PF is still fresh in their minds. Hence, it is not about the so-called electoral reforms.

If the MDC-T was sincere about the electoral reforms, they must just walk out of Parliament in toto. This is the only way that can show their sincerity because they are in that House through the electoral process they are condemning today.

MDC-T knows that the vacant seats are in Zanu-PF gholds, thus contesting in such an election is a wild goose chase.

History tells us that the two constituencies have never fallen into the hands of the opposition.

Zanu-PF has hitherto enjoyed landslide victories in those constituencies and there are no foreseeable mitigating factors that can turn the tables against its winning trend.

Having resolved to boycott the March by-elections, one would think the MDC-T is a principled party that sticks to its resolutions. History tells us that the MDC-T, Morgan Tsvangirai in particular, has in the past threatened to boycott national elections only to make a U-turn at the eleventh hour.

Party spokesperson Obert Gutu has already hinted at this sea change again. “As you know in life nothing is cast in stone. It does not mean if you want to eat vegetables today you will eat vegetables tomorrow,” said Gutu.

Tsvangirai has no problem in losing seats to Zanu-PF as long as he leaves his sworn enemy, Tendai Biti, naked.

He thought he was spiting Tendai Biti unaware that he was giving Zanu-PF a numerical aantage in Parliament.

Tsvangirai is like a proverbial fool who was asked by God to name whatever he wanted God to do for him on condition that his neighbour would get double that request. He thought of a car, house and money but he told himself that he could not stand the idea of his neighbour getting double his request. Thus, the man asked God to remove one of his ears and eyes.

MDC Renewal

Biti and his colleagues do not have much of a difficult task to fulfil. The breakaway party has many lawyers who must assist in interpreting the Constitution. Their recall is incontestable and they must not waste resources in taking the issue to the courts. The law is clear.

They must instead use the resources to campaign for the forthcoming by-elections so that they retain their seats. They must prove to the world that they did not get into Parliament riding on the back of Tsvangirai and the MDC-T’s popularity.

The by-elections are an acid test for the party that claims to be more popular than Tsvangirai. The world awaits to see the real opposition party in Zimbabwe. Thus, the MDC Renewal and its partners must show us their real orange colour.


The by-elections in the urban areas, which the MDC intends to boycott, must be treated as a gift from Tsvangirai. This is the time for the revolutionary party to make inroads into the MDC’s political territory. After all, the Renewal rebels won the seats by the skin of the teeth and that margin can be easily closed considering the dent on the support base caused by the split.

Source : The Herald